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Ardix Software and Systems Ltd.
Kiryat Atidim, building 4, 12 floor
P.O.B. 58066
Tel-Aviv 61580

Tel+972 3 6495511
Fax+972 3 6494959


How to reach us

Kiryat Atidim is located at the end of Dvorah Ha'Neviah and Ra'ul Wallenberg streets.

From Ayalon shopping center (Kanyon Ramat-Gan):

 Drive to Ra'ul Wallenberg to the square with traffic light, then turn right.
From Ha'cfar Ha'yarok junction:

 Drive east in Moshe Sneh street, diverge left and turn left to Dvorah Ha'Neviah street.

 Go straight in Dvorah Ha'Neviah until reaching the square with traffic lights, then make a half turn left.
From Ayalon Road (Ayalon Lanes, road number 20):

 Exit in Rokach street East, turn right in Shitreet street.

 Go straight, under the tunnel, until reaching the square with traffic light, then turn right.


From Jaffa, Bat-Yam, Ramat-Gan, Tel-Aviv Central Station, Tel-Aviv Azrieli Center:

 Buslines (DAN) 42, 141, 142, 40, 240 to Atidim Terminal.

From Tel-Aviv Central Station, Givata'yim, Ramat-Gan:

 Buslines (DAN) 52 From Holon, Yazur: Buslines (DAN) 89, 189, 289.

From Holon, Rishon Lezion: Buslines (EGGED) 75, 76 to Atidim Terminal.

From Bnei-Brak, Kanion Ramat Gan: Buslines (DAN) 7

From Tel-Aviv Reading Terminal: Buslines (DAN) 12

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