Contributing to the Community

We, in Ardix, believe that those of us who have food to eat - need to worry about those without.

CEO Mr. Shmuel Shaya, is a good example. He volunteers in the 'Academy for Parents' - 'The Way to Happiness', giving five lectures per week, throughout the country. The lectures are about parent-child communication, ways to reduce violence in society and the creation of constructive interpersonal communication.

Every Ardix employee who wants to contribute to the community in any field, will receive assistance from the company in fulfilling his/her dream.


The Academy for Parents


Company's Achievements

1. Before Ardix was founded, Ardix CEO Mr. Shmuel Shaya, was the first in Israel who opened real-time software outsourcing market for private companies like Scitex, ECI, Applied Materials, and others.

2. Ditto - He was the first in Israel who investigated, built a pilot and recruited 120 new immigrants from the former USSR. After about 3 years, other companies entered the market.

3. Ardix was the first company in Israel, who researched, built a pilot and integrated strictly orthodox people to work in Hi-Tech. After almost ten years, more companies entered the industry.  

4. Ardix guarantees its customers completion of every project finishes on time as well as quality. If not, the customer will be compensated by Ardix, although this has never happened.  

5. Ardix is committed to its customers / candidates so that they get the best employee / appropriate work and project. Moreover: Ardix makes sure that there is no longer any need to interview 10-20 people before hiring someone. The customer will employ the first or second worker that Ardix recommends. The same goes for employees.
No longer need to go to long lengths and interview in numerous places and projects, and there is no need to compromise on quality.
You can fulfill dreams in first or second proposal offered by Ardix.


About Ardix

Ardix is a Software and Systems house founded in 1996. The company's expertise is in outsourcing of software, hardware, and system, as well as workers for technological and managerial roles.


Most of Ardix employees are computer freaks, about half of them having served in Isael Defense Force superior technology and computers army units.


The goal of Ardix is to provide solutions to the market for more complex and less trivial issues. Thus, enabling customers to safely move their major projects and leave Ardix to handle any exceptional, urgent, or unusual issues.


Ardix welcomes challenges and "tasks that could not be done" from customers. Our experts will prove that for us, no mission is imossible.


Ardix's slogan (appears on a large sign at the entrance to the company's offices in Tel Aviv, Kiryat Atidim): "Hungry for Technology, Thirsty for Challenges." . To this day, we have never found a category that we were unable to answer satisfactorily, but we are ready for all possibilities.


We develop quality products with a high ratio of cost-efficiency while maintaining high customer satisfaction.  


Ardix guarantees our customers that every project will end on time and quality. If not - Ardix will reimburse any customer, although has never happened.


Ardix was founded by Mr. Shmuel Shaya. Shmuel was the first in opening the software outsourcing market in real time private companies such as Scitex, ECI, Applied Materials, and more.


Ardix was the first company which carried out a plan for developing and integrating high-tech workers from the Haredi (strictly orthodox) sector.


Our clients include:

ECI, Motorola,Group RAD, Intel, AM, DSPG, Nice, Indigo, Comverse, ICQ, TTI, ELOP, Rafael, IMI ,Elisra...



Ardix Areas of Expertise

Out expertise is implementing projects that others would call "projects which are undoable" in the following areas:


About half of employees served in the Israeli Defence Forces where they specialized in superior technology and computers.
For this they use an array of internal supervision within the company.
Every Ardix employee is entitled from their first year, to have training in part or all of the topics listed below.
After the first year, a personally tailored development plan is tailored to each employee.
The training is given to Ardix employees free of charge and without any obligation on their part.
• How to create precise and high-quality communication by understanding human behavior.
• How to detect failures of my understanding of others and vice versa and how to correct them.
• How to find faults in my own ability or those of others and how to correct them.
• How to turn everything "Complicated" into something simple.
• How to really listen. How to send a message without distortion.
• How to get a complete understanding in all relevant subjects.
• How to make your people and you yourself complete each task completely in a professional manner.
• How to manage your subordinates for results without exertion of "great efforts".
• How to increase motivation among employees.
• How do I recognize and eliminate a conflict between people.