Outsourcing of Ardix is substantially different from any outsourcing you have ever encountered.

We are committed to finish every project on time and with quality.

We guarantee
you would prefer to hire 1 of 2 consultants interviewed (and not 1 of 20).

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Integration and Optimization

We provide a full integration plan at the outset of the system design phase to save time and money developing the project, using system and multidisciplinary knowledge. Ardix team's expertise is in design, optimization, and streamlining of development processes to ensure system reliability in the field.

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Software Development

We develop software on demand throughout the development cycle: Specification, design, coding, testing, integration and customer premises installation.

Give us the "impossible" project in terms of technology, cost, time, etc. - We will provide it.

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Example Projcets

And there are examples of less "bizarre" projects :) ...

• Performance improvements on an existing DSP board – 12 times faster! Satellite modem performance improvement within three days to allow for exhibition show.

• Conversion of a computer algorithm of flat shooting to high trajectory path without additional resources.

• Encrypting information transmitted online over the internet, on an environment that did not allow it.
• Selecting architecture, including benchmark, on a system of twenty DSPs, for consortium companies, and the Technion, in the MAGNET program of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
• Adapting an operating system of worldwide SUN company for a specific processor within a few weeks.
• Face recognition in a celluar phone call.
• Porting ICQ system to mobile phone, while mininizing power consumption taken from battery.
• Building a complete Network Management System (NMS) and installation at a client within four months instead of over a year.
• Implementing a powerful parallel processing operating system, based on Linux.


Examples of Projects and Consultation done for Customers:

• Image processing / pattern recognition / classification algorithms for video, semiconductor industry, audio, gauging, and radar systems.
• Color control systems, optimizations, and drivers for real-time systems, VxWorks, Linux, mobile phones, and more.
• Design of wireless communication networks, IP, and telephony systems.
• Guided weapon, smart ammunition, and other systems.
• System testing, software testing (black & white box), regression tests including automation tools.
• RF Engineering.
• Digital hardware.


Our clients include:

ECI, Motorola,Group RAD, Intel, AM, DSPG, Nice, Indigo, Comverse, ICQ, TTI, ELOP, Rafael, IMI ,Elisra...


Ardix Services

Ardix is a software and system house founded in 1996. The company is located in the industrial park, Kiryat Atidim, in Tel Aviv. More than half of the employees served in the Israel Defense Force superior computers and technology units.

The services provided by the company are divided mainly to the following topics:

"Undoable" projects, – These are projects defined by the customers as emergencies technologically, or regarding price or schedule (See examples hereby).

Consulting hourly or monthly based in domains that the customers define as hard to implement.